Smart Specialisation

Smart specialisation strategies (RIS 3 or S3) are about enabling regions to turn their needs, strengths and competitive advantages into marketable goods and services. They aim to prioritise public research and innovation investments through a bottom up approach for the economic transformation of regions, building on regional competitive advantages and facilitating market opportunities in new inter-regional and European value chains. They help regions to anticipate, plan and accompany their process of economic modernisation.

The S3 approach is thus characterised by the identification of strategic areas for intervention based both on the analysis of the strengths and potential of the economy and on an Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) with wide stakeholder involvement. It embraces a broad view of innovation supported by effective monitoring mechanisms. Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3 or S3) set priorities at national and regional level to build competitive advantage by developing and matching research and innovation own strengths with business needs, to address emerging opportunities and market developments in a coherent manner, while avoiding duplication and fragmentation of efforts. They are also a backbone of national or regional research and innovation strategic policy frameworks in Europe.

Since 2011, the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3 Platform) acts as a facilitator for regions and countries in the uptake and incorporation of the smart specialisation concept and methodology in their research and innovation strategies. The community is continuously growing. (Source: EC-JRC).

Smart Specialisation has already been in focus of the newsletter in 2016.  You can find the related articles here.



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  • Technology Transfer Summer School by EU4TECH Project

    The EU4TECH Project will be holding a 4 day residential Technology Transfer Summer School in Podgorica Montenegro from June 04, 2018 to June 07, 2018.

  • European Sustainable Week -EUSEW - 2018

    The conference will have a set of sessions that allow European Commission and different energy stakeholders to debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas, while networking...

  • European Week of Regions and Cities 2018

    This year, the European Committee of the Regions and the DG Regional and Urban policy join forces with 13 other Directorates-General and 3 executive agencies of the European Commission, over 140 regions...

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  • Eye@RIS3: Innovation Priorities in Europe (updated)

    Eye@RIS3 visualises public investment priorities for innovation across Europe. It enables public managers and stakeholders to position their territory in comparison to other territories and to find potential...

  • ICT Monitoring Tool - Planned ICT Investments under ESIF

    The ICT Monitoring tool allows the user to search ESIF data (ERDF, CF, ESF, YEI and EAFRD) by MS (‘country’), region, CoI, TO, activity area (keywords) and financial form and to view the search results...

  • Smart Specialisation Platform

    The S³ Platform (S³P) assists Member States and regions to develop, implement and review Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS³). Established...

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