High-Level Innovation for a Value-Driven Exploitation of a Joint S3 in The Adriatic Area

The HIVES Project wants to deal with the main challenges in the field of entrepreneurial innovation in the IPA Adriatic area: low R&D investments,low propensity among SME to collaborate on knowledge transfer projects and public private partnerships; low attractiveness of talent and high qualified resources, poor access to funding sources for research and lack of venture capital.

HIVES promotes the support of an Adriatic area of evolution to an innovation friendly and smart ecosystem and to boost research and innovation capacities as well as fostering innovation in SMEs.

The project is based on past IPA Projects that featured innovative platforms of data and knowledge aggregation. This HIVES aims at consolidating in an unique Digital Business Ecosystem the operational tools generated by 4 different projects: Zoone, Clusters Club, Ipatech, Next.

The coordination effort promoted by HIVES will culminate in the creation of a Hub, the EUSAIR Innovation HUB, as a unique formalized “system” of territorial organizations and innovation services providers, able to perform as platform of scaled up systemic internal and external cooperation.

All the objectives of HIVES Project are in perfect harmony with the first objective of the measure 1.2 of the Adriatic IPA Program, which aims at establishing an Innovation Adriatic Hub to facilitate a larger cooperation within the Adriatic-Ionian area and to aggregate economic research and institutional actors to stimulate a community based effort.

More precisely the project focuses on the two following objectives:

  1. To support the Adriatic area evolution to an innovation friendly and smart ecosystem;
  2. To boost research and innovation capacities as well as fostering innovation in SMEs.

Project Main results:

  1. New services and open data set will be put online favouring of a friendly eco-system of innovation for spin-offs and start ups positioning in the market, in terms of skills, visibility, relationships, growth in size and networking, stakeholders will be involved in feasibility studies on financial synergies;
  2. A set of supporting integrated services on the on line platform to achieve the model as: Tools for assessment and self-evaluation of business ideas;
  3. Support to research lenders (crowdfunding / venture capitalist / etc.); Showcase of start-ups to attract possible investors (on line and laboratory-event on the territory);
  4. An innovative standard for incubator /accelerator on the following characteristics: with a set of indicators for the assessment of performance by measuring track records;
  5. A methodology for comparing areas of specialization of the S 3 and areas of excellence and IPA countries, in order to identify areas of collaboration;
  6. A report that identifies at least three common specialization areas, mainly related to blue economy or research fields in technology.

The final result is identification of opportunities for integration between the economies in terms of supply chain and areas of specializations. Programme package for an effective training related to the EUSAIR priority areas, and a set of skills (and persons) useful to manage a mentoring activity.

Source: HIVES

Project type
Geographical focus
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
June 2016 - June 2018

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