[Berlin Process Series] A Mapping and Comparative Assessment of Youth Organizations in the Western Balkans - An insight to youth organizations in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia

Youth is often perceived throughout the Western Balkans as the generation of citizens that should play the role of the agent of change in the region. Considering the embedded potential, regional youth cooperation is on the spotlight of the ‘Berlin Process’ and officially materialized during the Paris Summit 2016, with the signature of the joint declaration on the establishment of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) of the Western Balkans. With the intention of maximizing RYCO’s role, a comprehensive, inclusive, innovative and systemic approach needs to be adopted.

In this framework, this regional research policy brief aims to mapping and conducting a comparative assessment of the existing youth organizations in the three partner countries – Albania, Montenegro, and Serbia. Adapted and tailor-made policy recommendations will be provided to the Regional Youth Cooperation Office, for an active participation and contribution of youth organizations in its policy-making process. 

The research policy brief is prepared by Cooperation and Development Institute,  in cooperation with European Movement Montenegro and European Movement in Novi Sad in the framework of the project "Enhancing Regional Youth Connectivity"  and is supported by European Fund for the Balkans within Think and Link Programme 2016.

This Working paper is part of the Berlin Process Series (BPS) conceived as part of the contribution of Western Balkans Civil Society in the Berlin Process. The Berlin Process Series is an initiative started in November 2015 in Tirana by ShtetiWeb, a flagship initiative of Cooperation and Development Institute.

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  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
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