[Berlin Process Series] Monitoring of Connectivity Agenda: Transport and Energy

This Working Paper aims to document and analyze the progress Albania has achieved in implementing the commitments taken in the framework of the so-called Berlin Process as stated in Vienna Summit in August 2015, and the challenges ahead to the upcoming Summit of Paris of July 4th, 2016. It also provides recommendations for the national institutions involved in the planning and prioritizing phases of the connectivity projects. The Working paper is prepared by Cooperation and Development Institute and supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The research and study took place from November 2015 until June 2016 and included desk review, interviews with officials, experts, employees of Albanian government, parliament, financial organizations and other different stakeholders, and field visits. It aims to provide an alternative, critical, constructive and complementary analysis on the efforts done by Albanian government towards reaching its targets as set in the Summits of Berlin, Vienna and later Paris and Rome. The conclusions are also fed in the Western Balkans civil society forum and serve as basis of discussion during the preparation of the regional position of WB6 civil society.

This Working paper is part of the Berlin Process Series (BPS) conceived as part of the contribution of Western Balkans Civil Society in the Berlin Process. The Berlin Process Series is an initiative started in November 2015 in Tirana and supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Hanns Seidel Foundation

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Krisela Hackaj
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