[Berlin Process Series] Albania in the Berlin Process: Current Achievements and Upcoming Challenges for the Paris Summit

"Albania in the Berlin Process: Current Achievements and Upcoming Challenges for the Paris Summit” is a publication of Cooperation and Development Institute / ShtetiWeb with regards to the participation of the civil society to the Berlin Process. This publication is the first of the Berlin Process Series, an initiative of Cooperation and Development Institute aiming to document, analyze and monitor Albanian participation in the Berlin Process.
The publication is a follow-up initiative of the conference “Albania in the Berlin Process: Fall 2015 Stocktaking and Recommendations”, held in Tirana, on 5 November 2015. It includes a research paper on the Berlin Process, which is completed with an assessment of Albania’s position in this process as of November 2015.
Both initiatives are the result of a close collaboration amongst Cooperation and Development Institute and its partners, the three distinguished German Foundations: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Hanns Seidel Foundation and Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
With Berlin Process Series Cooperation and Development Institute aims to delve further in the policy-making arena by providing an independent assessment of one of the most important and challenging endeavours in which Albania is currently involved. 

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Ardian Hackaj, Gentiola Madhi, Krisela Hackaj
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  • Albania
  • Western Balkans
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