RTDI Evaluation | Evaluation Culture

The complexity and heterogeneity of innovation systems in different European and Western Balkan countries  requires strategic intelligence to design, implement, and monitor research, technological development, and innovation (RTDI) measures at different spatial levels (local, national, regional, and European) by addressing issues of relevance, efficiency, efficacy, impact, and sustainability . For this purpose, evaluations are an essential tool for evidence-based decision-making. This is especially true in the South-East Europe region, which is characterised by the adoption and adaptation of new RTDI policies, programmes, and (support) institutions, and a transformation of funding towards competitive schemes. At the same time, however, a lack of methodological and procedural know-how on the part of both evaluators and awarding authorities concerning the purpose, design, and use of evaluations, has become evident.

RTDI Evaluation | Evaluation Culture was in focus of the WBC-RTI.info newsletter in March 2016. Related article is available here. Please find below also a selection of the topic related articles.


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  • Albanian Society of Program Evaluation (ASPE)

    The ASPE was legally established in October 2011 and officially recognized by the Albanian government. It was incorporated under the laws numbered 8788 and 8789 dt. 05/07/2001. It is a non-profit organisation...

  • Western Balkan Evaluators Network

    Increasing need for establishing critical mass of evaluators led Slovenian Evaluation Society to propose establishing Western Balkan Evaluation Network (WBEN) to Evaluation Society in B&H in 2012. ...

  • Macedonian Evaluation Network

    Macedonian Evaluation Network / Mакедонска мрежа на евалуатори- MEN was formed in 2013 formed by MKA 2000. The Network of evaluatori- MEN., currently counts 11 members. Since 2014, the Network is a member...

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