Innovation in SMEs | Innovation Management

Small- and  Medium- sized  Enterprises  (SMEs) that are EU-based or established in a country associated to Horizon 2020 (thus including SMEs from Western Balkan countries) are  encouraged  to participate across the whole Horizon 2020 programme. The objective of ‘Innovation in SMEs’ is to optimise the Research, Development & Innovation environment for SMEs, including through the establishment and facilitation of a range of support services, with the aim of strengthening the innovation capacity of SMEs and creating value on the market and/or into society, thus underpinning the Europe2020 strategy for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth. A range of actions contributes to building innovation management capacity for Small and Medium Enterprises. Innovation management capacity is the internal ability of companies to manage innovation processes from the generation of the idea to its profitability on the market. It is a process that encompasses the whole range of decisions, activities and measures in order to facilitate the transfer of an idea into the business value. This process can be applied for all kind of ideas, whether it is about a product, process or a service. The focus of the Innovation Management is to provide the set of measures and tools which will facilitate the inventors to respond to the challenges in the whole innovation cycle and to turn their ideas into successful innovations on the market.

Innovation in SMEs | Innovation Management was in focus of the newsletter in September/October 2016. Related article is available here. Please find below also a selection of the topic related articles. 



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  • TAFTIE (The European Network of Innovation Agencies)

    This is a group of 29 organisations from 28 European countries has established an intense collaboration in the field of the implementation of national technology Programmes. This is to the benefit of ...

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana

    CCIT employes 43 employees. It is one of few organizations in Albania having a special department – the Centre for Business Research and Training (ACBRT), dedicated to the development projects and trainings...

  • Istra Development Agency

    The Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. was founded by the Istrian Region and its 9 towns on December 14th 1999 as an operational body entrusted with the implementation of development programmes in ...

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  • SME Policy Index: Western Balkans and Turkey 2019

    The SME Policy Index: Western Balkans and Turkey 2019 - Assessing the Implementation of the Small Business Act for Europe provides an important tool to help policy makers design and implement policies...

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Albania with Focus on Tirana

    This study was carried out against the background of the ‘EU for Innovation’ project, supported by the European Union and implemented by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH...

  • WBC-RTI.INFO Newsletters sent in 2018

    WBC-RTI.INFohas prepared several newsletter issues in 2018. Thematic articles were drafted while relevant stakeholders contacted and in some cases also interviewed.

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  • Innovation Cloud

    Innovation Cloud is a free online Idea management software created by Intranea Solutions LTD that enables you to collect ideas 24/7, cross-functional collaboration and gives your top managers to efficiently...

  • Innovation Cloud Blog | It’s never been easier to start innovating!

    It’s 2016. Look around you. You’re living in an ongoing Digital Revolution which sparked Information Age. Around 45% of the world’s population has an internet connection and the Internet itself is being...

  • Innovation Cloud Blog | New Trend: Idea Hoarding

    Recent years, there’s been a lot of discussions about hoarding. In the literature, as described by the Mayo Clinic hoarding is, “excessive collection of items, along with the inability to discard them...

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