Innovation and Training Park Prizren

ITP Prizren

The Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren is the most unique location in the region, that fosters collaboration in a vibrant community, aiming to become the regional hub for entrepreneurship innovation, business and skills development, and a source of innovative and successful ideas.

ITP Prizren establishes cooperative linkages among different stakeholders at the park, offering an environment that fosters synergies between:

  • Private sector (companies, enterprises and start-ups)
  • Public sector (public institutions, entities and agencies)
  • Civil Society Organizations (NGOs and other non-profit entities), and
  • Academia (Public & Private Universities, other research & education institutions, Vocational Education and Training Providers).

By connecting all these segments of the ecosystem, ITP Prizren creates a different perspective on entrepreneurship and business environment in general, also resulting in generation of better jobs, in terms of skills and practical knowledge, as well as better incomes.

ITP Prizren, made of about 40 hectares of green spaces and nearly 50 buildings – targets the following segments:

  • Kosovar, regional & international companies – which commercialize innovations from research and product development activities, boost the economy and offers possibilities for praxis-oriented learning, including:
    • Incubators and accelerators – which will promote entrepreneurial activity and inter-sector interaction and partnerships
    • Start-Ups – which will be scaled up and grow through capacity development and interaction with other segments of ITP.
    • Recreational services – such as sport halls, green spaces, small grocery shops and cafeterias that will further contribute to the community building.
  • Universities, research & education institutes/foundations and VET Providers – to provide high-quality application-oriented education, tailored to the needs of the labor market.
  • Public institutions and agencies – delivering access to services and providing shared infrastructure and equipment
  • Civil Society Organizations – to provide nonformal education and contribute with social and cultural activities to the park.

All these sectors can be accompanied by companies from synergistical segments. The most relevant selection criteria is a positive impact on the innovation ecosystem.


  • Cluster/Incubator/Innovation Infrastructure
Geographical focus
  • Kosovo*
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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