02. The project of the month May 2012: Boosting EU-Western Balkan Countries Research Collaboration in the Monitoring and Control Area (BALCON)

The "Project of the month" - May 2012

This month we would like to present you the BALCON project, a Support Action funded by the European Commission under the FP7-ICT programme aiming to:

  • reinforce the research cooperation between the academic and industrial communities from the EU and the Western Balkan Countries (WBC) for the design, development and implementation of systems and applications for Monitoring and Control (M&C);
  • facilitate the preparation of joint R&D initiatives;
  • promote the research capacity and achievements of competent WBC research actors; and
  • foster collaboration and bring into contact researchers from EU and WBC.

During the whole month we will continously update the information related to this project - such as to inform you about the upcoming or past project activities or published reports and studies.

Project coordinator is Q-Plan from Greece and partners are: Inno TSD, France; European Embedded Control Institute, France;  Schoolof Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade Serbia;  Croatian Institute of Technology, Croatia; Ministry of Science of Montenegro; Agency for Electronic Communications Skopje, FYROM and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From components and devices to entire systems, intelligent functions embedded at all levels are a key driver for both product and service innovation and creativity. The challenge is to develop safer, more cost efficient, energy aware, stable and reliable systems that monitor their ‘environment’ and control (adjust) their operation in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

Today’s engineers are trying to solve complex problems such as the design and operation of intelligent:

  • Energy management systems that exploit all available energy sources and monitor energy demand at real time so as to adjust the use of each energy source, thus maximising the entire grid efficiency and limiting energy losses.
  • Urban traffic management systems that enable civil servants to better respond to emergency situations (natural disasters, fires, accidents, etc), or simply offer a safe, fast and convenient system for citizens’ everyday (urban) activities.
  • Transportation systems at regional, national or international level that monitor weather, road and traffic conditions, local emergencies (accidents, natural disasters), etc. and adjust transportation plans so that the products reach their destination on-time at the lowest possible cost.
  • Industrial production systems that enable production with an optimal consumption of resources (human, energy, infrastructure, etc) and minimal Green House Gas emissions, while adapting production processes to customer requirements and market needs (customised products).

Meanwhile, all Western Balkan Countries (WBC) retain a number of highly qualified research teams active in the design, development and implementation of systems and applications applied in Monitoring and Control (M&C). Strengthening the scientific and technological collaboration between WBC and EU research teams in the respective field will consequently favour the production, sharing and exploitation of knowledge.

By bringing researchers from the two regions into direct contact and promoting the benefits of collaboration, BALCON aims to facilitate and enable the preparation of joint research activities in the field of Monitoring and Control. The ultimate goal is to reinforce the EU-WBC research collaboration in the field of M&C and, therefore, support productivity and economic growth in both regions, helping them to address common challenges and creating mutual socio-economic benefits.

To achieve its objectives, the BALCON consortium will:

  • Review R&D priorities and capacity in developing M&C systems and applications in both regions in order to assess the collaboration potential among the research and industrial communities, aiming at identifying and highlighting the “EU-WBC research areas of common interest in the field of M&C” which may result in substantial benefits for both regions if R&D collaboration is reinforced.
  • Create a community of experts from both regions in the field of Monitoring and Control (“Advisory Group”) to support the early validation of the main project outcomes, increase their credibility and facilitate their wider possible diffusion. This interaction will bring key European and WBC researchers into direct contact, facilitating the exchange of ideas in order to reach consensus in the research areas with a high EU-WBC collaboration potential in the M&C field, as well as on the actions required towards strengthening this collaboration.
  • Organise a variety of networking, training and awareness raising activities to bring research & industrial actors of the two regions closer, thus preparing the ground for concrete EU-WBC R&D activities in the M&C area.

The project's fact sheet can be downloaded here

Project type
  • FP7
Coordinating institution
Country of the coordinating institution
Contact details
E-Mail: delioglanis@qplan.gr
Phone:+30 2310 411 191
Address:Project coordinator: Q-PLAN North Greece Ltd Contact person: Mr Iakovos Delioglanis 7, Nestoros Typa Str , 54646 Thessaloniki
Geographical focus
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • International; Other
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
  • Natural Sciences
September 2011 - August 2013
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