Intranea Solutions Ltd

Intranea Solutions Ltd

Founded in 2007, Intranea Solutions Ltd is a modern knowledge and technology company operating in the field of integrated innovation management. Its mission is to provide an efficient and productive solution for people to collaborate on and develop their ideas with the aim to achieve long-term growth and profitability through structured and sustainable innovation.

Focusing on customer's needs, Intranea developed a broad range of products that cover leading online software solutions for idea, product portfolio and innovation process management. Its best known products are DataStation platform, Innovation Cloud and Crowdsourcing plugin.

DataStation is Enterprise Innovation management platform that covers a complete end-to-end innovation cycle management software-as-a-service. It enables companies to create, manage, track and measure the innovation process from idea creation through the final implementation and impact reporting. DataStation brings together all your employees and improves their ability to communicate, collaborate and coordinate towards common objectives. It empowers you to sustain profit for your company and deliver value to your customers with creation of new and improved product and services.

For small companies and teams, it created free online Idea management software, called Innovation Cloud, that is a free online Idea management software, that enables you to collect ideas 24/7, cross-functional collaboration and gives your top managers to efficiently define score and approve action on only the best ideas. Innovation Cloud is fully functional and intuitive solution for idea management that enables you to collect, co-developed and easy execute new, creative ideas.

Understanding the importance of a wider community feedback, it created a unique feature Crowdsourcing plugin that enables you to start local customized initiative, while at the same time by collecting public insights into your innovation platform you have a great database of all insights. With friendly interface and ease of access, Crowdsourcing is a practical solution if you want a collaborative community engagement around specific challenge. Crowdsourcing is an environment where individuals, stakeholders and organisations can actively get involved in the creation, of mutually beneficial solutions, simply by submitting new ideas.

Intranea's products are developed to follow structured and systematic approach to innovation and design the way that no-end user training is required. All this allows companies a faster development of new products and services with reduced risk and cost savings through streamlined processes.

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