News archive - Progress Report on Science and Research - FYR of Macedonia

In the 2008 progress report for FYR of Macedonia, Chapter 25 deals with Science and Research. The assessment of the EC reports is copied here.

Progress has been made in the area of research policy with the adoption of the Law on scientific research activities and the Law on promotion and support of the technological development. Both laws aim at better structuring the organisation and management of national research funding and better linking research to social and economic development. However, budgetary constraints and weak institutional capacity remain major impediments to development of research.

With respect to participation in framework programmes, the positive trend of increasing participation under the Seventh EC Research Framework Programme (FP7) since its association is continuing. The Memorandum of Understanding has been smoothly implemented. As regards integration into the European Research Area, the country is part of the Euraxess Jobs Portal (formerly known as Mobility Portal) and Euraxess Service Network (formerly known as the ERA-MORE network) and is in the process of setting up its national Euraxess Portal and Network. Further action is expected to stimulate investment in research.
A national action to increase public funding in research and stimulate the private sector to contribute more to the EU objective of investing 3% of GDP in research by 2010 is still missing. The budgetary allocation for science in 2008 is still less than 1% of GDP. The level of private investment in science and research remains symbolic.


Progress has been made on organisation of research cooperation at national level, which now needs to be turned into more effective research funding in support of socioeconomic development. Implementation capacity is still insufficient. The first year of participation in FP7 has produced good results. Substantial efforts remain necessary to strengthen research capacity. Overall, the country is on track in the area of science and research, but further
efforts are necessary
, in particular as regards the integration into the European Research Area.

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