News archive - Progress Report on Science and Research - Croatia

In the 2008 progress report for FYR of Macedonia, Chapte 4.25 deals with Science and Research. The assessment of the EC reports is copied here.

Good progress has been made in research policy. Two new bodies, the Strategic and Technology Council and the Council for the National Innovation System, were created in April 2008. This should allow for taking fully into account the innovation dimension in the research policy. Organisational changes at the level of the Ministry of Science have also taken place in view of strengthening administrative capacity. However, a fully transparent system for evaluation and monitoring of national research grants remains to be ensured in order to increase scientific excellence.
Good progress has been made on participation in the EC Framework Programmes. The grants awarded under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) continue to demonstrate Croatia’s increased absorption capacity. However, full participation in the thematic collaborative cooperation has not yet been reached. The national contact points function well, but still lack administrative capacity.

Croatia has confirmed its interest in becoming associated also to the Seventh Euratom Framework Programme.
With a view to further integration into the European Research Area, a “National 3 % Action Plan” was adopted in April 2008. This was a significant development. It includes a list of objectives and measures and envisages the establishment of a system of indicators in view of increasing investments into science and research to 3 % of the GDP. Steps have been taken to increase the administrative capacity for the implementation of the Action Plan. However, the entities responsible for implementation of the specific measures are not yet clearly defined.
Steps have also been undertaken to ensure mobility of researchers. However, the share of the private sector in investment in research is low and there are not enough young people attracted to science.


Good progress has been made on this chapter, but further efforts remain necessary. The research capacity at national level needs to be strengthened which in turn will lead to increased participation under the FP7. Implementation of research policy and related action plans needs to be ensured in order to further integrate into the European Research Area.

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