Ministry of Science and Education- Croatia


The ministry in its current form came into existence in 2003 in the Cabinet of Ivo Sanader I, resulting from the merger of the earlier Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The Ministry of Science and Education is the central government institution responsible for implementing, coordinating and overseeing implementation of the science, innovation and technology. It is in charge of the allocation of budgetary funds for R&D activities in both public institutes and higher education institutions, as well as for the allocation of budgetary funds for the technology program and related activities. Financial assistance extended directly through MSES includes research grants, IT grants, scientific equipment grants, fellowships for young researchers, (international) mobility grants and grants for publishing activity, scientific conferences and awareness raising activities.
The two of the Ministry’s directorates cover the policy area in the field of science, technology and innovation: the Science Directorate and the Directorate for International Cooperation.

The Directorate for Science consists of: Programmes and Projects Department, Action Plans and EU Funds Management Department and the Science System Development. The Science Directorate cooperates closely with the International Cooperation Directorate which administers EU-financed projects.

Contact person:
Department of Science
Hrvoje Meštrić, Director


Department / Unit
Department for Science, Education and Sports
  • Government/Ministry
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Phone:++385 1 4569 000
Address:Donje Svetice 38, 10000 Zagreb
Geographical focus
  • Croatia
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  • General

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