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The aim of Work package 2 of the WBC-INCO.NET is to define S&T priorities of mutual interest between EU Member States, EU Accession Countries and the WBCs in a consultation process following a defined methodology. To this end, results from other priority setting activities are being examined and eventually included, as well as the opinion from civil society and industry.

The next activities focus on  finding research topics of common interest in ICT and Food/Agriculture

The priority setting is adjusted to the needs and interests of the European Commission Directorates dealing with the FP7 Themes. In parallel, targeted input is provided for the relevant initiatives and programmes run in these directorates as well as for national coordinators of the Framework Programme and Programme committee members from the participating countries.
The first step of Work package 2 is the Development of Methodologies and Guidelines for S&T Priority Setting (Task 2.1). It provides the conceptual basis for the methodology and a practical road map with concrete guidelines for the priority setting implementation in the WBCs. The results compiled have been discussed during a workshop in Bonn on April 10 and 11, 2008 and a final report has been compiled recently. Additionally, during this workshop,
the methodology of priority setting used by other relevant initiatives has been presented (Task 2.2): Screening and monitoring of ongoing CSAs (Coordination and Support Actions) and national initiatives. Two projects in the fields
of ICT and Agriculture/Food and their results were presented, including the selected S&T priorities. Furthermore, details on priority setting at national level in each of the WBCs were analysed and presented.
According to Task 2.2 (Dialogue with EC Cooperation Directorates), several interviews with representatives of the European Commission Cooperation directorates have taken place in the timeframe of April until August 2008 (Transport, Health, Security, Energy, Environment, Biotechnology/Agriculture/Food, and ICT).

In WBC-INCO.NET, the themes ICT and Agro Food were chosen for the next steps leading to a further implementation of priority setting (Task 2.4: Organisation of consultation process). Stakeholder seminars are planned for each of the themes, the first ones to be held in autumn/winter 2008 (ICT in Belgrade, and Agriculture/Food in Montenegro). The second phase of stakeholder seminars (in the themes Transport, Health and Environment) is supposed to take place in spring 2009.

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