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The Project Management Agency (DLR PT) at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the largest German management organisation for the implementation of R&I funding programmes for ministries. The services provided range from funding management, strategy consulting, analysis and evaluation, communication as well as IT services.

With around 1,500 employees, the DLR PT covers the broadest range of topics of all German project management organisations. The spectrum reaches from education and equal opportunities to health, society, innovation, technology, environment and sustainability, as well as European and international cooperation. This enables us to offer every service in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner. Our competence centres for science communication, public relations, and analysis and evaluation round off the professional services offered by the DLR PT divisions.

As a service provider, we are committed to a strong research, education and innovation location. To this end, we analyse social developments, develop strategies for action and provide strategic impetus.

DLR-PT is – among others - responsible for the implementation of international cooperation activities on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It provides direct services to the Ministry and administers BMBF support granted to German higher education and public research institutions, as well as to industries and SMEs for developing international contacts and preparing joint research activities in strategic fields of common interest linked to national and European programmes. As central project management agency of the BMBF for international relations, DLR-PT supports bilateral cooperation in science, technology and education with about 50 countries around the world, with a special emphasis on the development of the European Research Area and its neighbouring regions. DLR PT has a strong background in R&I strategy and policy implementation with particular emphasis on international relations. DLR-PT is also actively involved in the international, bilateral and multilateral policy dialogue.

Further tasks of DLR PT encompass the coordination of the network of German National Contact Points (NCPs) and services to the BMBF in all matters regarding the EU Research Framework Programmes. It provides information and advice on the development of the European Research Area (ERA) and on more general aspects of the EU research policy including legal and financial aspects.

Previous experience:

DLRPT has a longstanding experience of many EU-funded projects (INCO-NETs, Era-Nets, BILATs, ACCESS4EU, etc.). In view of the Western Balkans, DLR PT is deeply involved in bilateral and multilateral cooperation and activities directed towards policy development. In the past, DLR PT has co-ordinated specific infrastructure actions (e.g., the Scientific Information Network South-East-Europe – SINSEE), supported institution building (e.g., restructuring R&D activities in Serbia) as well as regional networking initiatives (e.g., Integrated Water Management – TRINOWA). Based on its work in the EU projects SEE-ERA.NET, SEE-ERA.NET Plus and WBC-INCO.NET, DLR PT has established excellent contacts to scientific organisations and governmental authorities in the in the region. In the framework of the International Service Facility of the EC, DLR PT has implemented many activities related to policy dialogue, analysis and monitoring as well as capacity building with Western Balkan partners.

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  • Government/Ministry
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E-Mail: Ulrike.Kunze@dlr.de
Phone:+49 30 67055 7981
Address:Heinrich-Konen-Str. 1, 53227 Bonn
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  • European Union (EU 27)
  • International; Other
  • Western Balkans
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  • General

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