News archive - Call 2011 CIP Eco-Innovation: First results of the call

The EC provides a first overview of the Call 2011 CIP Eco-Innovationand provides an overview on the submitted proposals including the geographical distribution of applicants: The  Former Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Montenegro are participating for the first time and have a representation of 5 and 2 participants respectively. Participants from Croatia and Serbia are also represented well and two applicants from Albania also participated.

By the deadline for the Call 2011, 280 proposals were submitted. This represents a similar number as  the  287  proposals  submitted  for  the  Call  2010.  Only  one  of  the  submitted  proposals  was considered ineligible. In total 860 participants from 34 countries took part in the proposals. Green Business and Recycling are the two sectors that attracted most proposals. The total funding request is roughly EUR 200 million. Almost 67% of the participants taking part in proposals are SMEs as in previous calls and less than 8% of the projects do not involve any SME. Approximately half of the proposals (48%) involve participants from different countries.

Geographical distribution
In total 860 participants from 34 countries are involved in the submitted proposals. Italy (227 participants) and Spain (150) have the largest number of participants, followed by the Netherlands  (47),  France  (44)  and  the  United  Kingdom  (43).  It  is  quite  interesting  to  note  that Germany,  always  high  in this  ranking,  has  this  year  been  overtaken  by  Sweden  and  Greece.  No proposals were received from Finland, Lichtenstein and Slovakia.

Norway  has  the  highest  rate  of  submissions  of  the  associated  non-EU  countries. The  Former Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Montenegro are participating for the first time and have a representation of 5 and 2 participants respectively. 
(Participant means coordinator or partner of a proposal, and number of proposals equal to number of  coordinators.)

In total there are 37 eligible countries: EU27, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia, Montenegro
, Israel, Turkey, Serbia and Albania.

Around  52%  of  the  proposals  originated  from  one  country,  while  48%  are  submitted  by multinational  consortia,  with a 3%  increase  compared to  last  year.  In  total  67%  of  the  proposed projects were submitted by a consortium, composed of participants from one or several countries. The average number of participants in the submitted proposals is three, with a maximum number of 15 members per consortium. 
Regarding the duration of the proposed projects, less than half of the proposals have a life span of 36 months, while around 54 % of the proposed projects are short projects, with a duration of 30 months or less. The maximum project length allowed under the Eco-Innovation programme is 36 months. 

More information about the sector specific results and the comparision of the Call 2011 with previous ones can be assessed in the attachment.

The evaluation of the proposals is currently ongoing and will continue until February 2012. This
will result in a decision on which projects will receive funding. Thereafter, the selected projects
will be negotiated from March to August 2012 with first projects starting in April 2012.  


with many thanks to Mr. Leonardo Piccinetti.

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