News archive - [Event Review] International conference: Fostering Entrepreneurial Learning at Tertiary Level: University–Industry Interaction, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Increasingly open markets and resulting interdependences in trading markets now present major challenge for education and learning systems as governments, enterprises and other interest groups concerned with human resources development determine how the knowledge and skills of the workforce can contribute better to broader efforts to lead the competition. In this drive to new skills, economies have no option but to opt in to adapting their education and learning systems to cope with growing competitive pressures" - these were the main conclusions from two day discussions at the International conference Fostering Entrepreneurial Learning at Tertiary Level: University–Industry Interaction, which was held on October 11-12, 2012 in Banja Luka, Republika of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Conference conclusions:

Key points for universities:

1. The links between teaching, learning and research in context of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning needs to be further strengthen.  There are organizational aspects that need to be carefully considered when making improvements and changes. Here it is important to pay particular attention on curriculum and what the learning outcomes of that curriculum are. The demand side and in particularly labour market needs are important.

2. There is a need to involve a range of stakeholders in a policy dialogue and further support is needed to universities in order to make entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning agenda sustainable.

3. There is great human capital potential and there is a willingness to continue to develop better curriculum for entrepreneurship, to involve students in real life practice and in particularly use innovation centres, technology centres and business centres to improve the skills of the students.

4. Universities have great potential to support SMEs and industry. Here wide range of opportunities exists: starting from joint research projects related to introduction of innovative technology or new services, preparing joint applications for projects funded by EU and other donor agencies. It is necessary to strengthen further the engagement of the Higher Education sector and to ensure synergy with businesses and industry.   

5. Small Business Act and its monitoring framework is excellent to track the progress in higher education and introduction of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial. At the same time Policy Indicators for Higher Education, are important instrument to continue to improve introduction of the lifelong entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning as well as   

6. It is necessary to work on systematic life-long entrepreneurial learning system building and it is necessary to develop a practice of engagement by the wider community in entrepreneurial learning developments. The role of teachers and faculty is crucial.

Some general key points:

1.  Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning are part of a broader shift in curriculum and pedagogy needed to help students fit into a rapidly changing society. This shift is a part of all levels of education and, as it is presented in the BiH Strategy of Entrepreneurial Learning 2012-2015, it concerns teachers, students, school directors, parents and broader community.

2. Universities can play very important role in supporting in-service teacher training Innovative approaches are needed for all schools to involve teachers and schools leaders in developing entrepreneurial mindset.

3. The key role of faculty and teachers in embedding entrepreneurial learning as a key competence for students, than school directors in their role within the schools to drive forward new initiatives in an entrepreneurial manner, to act as prime movers to enable and encourage innovative schools and ensure effective liaison with parents and the wider community; are issues which need to be paid significant attention in the future.

Source: email by Haris Muhic

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