News archive - [Event review] 12th Steering Platform meeting, Tirana, Albania

The Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan countries was held on June 12-13, 2012 in Tirana, Albania co-chaired by the Danish Council Presidency, Albania and the European Commission.

In their introductory statements, the co-chairs highlighted in particular the importance of the upcoming FP7 calls wich will serve as a good preparation for participation in Horizon 2020. One of the key issues which also was discussed by the Steering Platform was the concept of Smart Specialisation (which is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support of Research and Innovation) and its practical implications for the WB region on the road to Horizon 2020.

Albania welcomed the Steering Platform members and confirmed its commitment on EU accession underlining the useful role of the Platform in this context. In its introduction the Danish Presidency highlighted the presidency programme Europe at Work with a focus on the actions to move forward the EU Agenda on Research and Innovation. The European Commission encouraged all members of the Platform to closely follow the developments on the Innovation Union as a way to prepare for Horizon 2020. The importance of the upcoming FP7 calls was highlighted and in this context cooperation from more experienced members of the Platform with the less successful participants was seen as a way to strengthen the participation of the Balkan region in key research areas to address societal challenges.

The Platform also welcomed the presentation of the Smart Specialization Strategy which helped understanding the need to prepare and plan well in advance the synergies between Horizon 2020 and other EU instruments. The need for good and timely planning was well illustrated by the examples identified in the presentation from Hungary.

So-called progress reports were presented to the Platform in printed versions accompanied by short oral presentations - on the website of WBC-INCO.NET these progress reports are also available for the interested reader (see the related links below). Several stakeholders participated in the exchange of information such as the Central European Initiative (CEI), EUREKA, UNESCO and the World Bank. 

In the following days you will find here detailed information about this event as well as the operational conclusions of the Steering Platform.

The next meeting will be held end of the year in Serbia, co-chaired with the European Commission and the Cyprus Council presidency. We will keep you updated in this regard as well.

==> The powerpoint presentations are available from the related event entry, see link below.

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