Research cooperation with the Western Balkans: A tool to facilitate integration.

This document provides an overview of the ongoing research cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans. It also explains why the EU countries engage in research with this region and how they do it.

The real impetus for engaging in research cooperation with the Western Balkan countries came from the European Council meeting in Thessaloniki in June 2003. There, heads of state and government reiterated that the future of the Balkans lies within the EU. Ministers of science also endorsed a ‘Shared Vision’ and a ‘Science and Technology Action Plan’ aiming at placing research cooperation with the then five Western Balkan countries high on the political agenda. Implementation of the Action Plan has led to increased research opportunities and support for capacity building.

Source: "Research cooperation with the Western Balkans": a tool to facilitate integration.


European Commission (2010): "Research cooperation with the Western Balkans": a tool to facilitate integration. 



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