D8.50 (T8.2) Good practice examples of innovation policy approaches and instruments of EU Member States and Western Balkan countries

 As part of WBC-INCO.NETs Work Package (WP) 8 on Innovation support, the underlying task of this report is to collect good practice examples of innovation activities that can be adapted to the region of the Western Balkan countries or to some individual countries of the region.

This deliverable presents a collection of good practice examples of programmes, instruments and measures aiming at supporting innovation activities. The examples are presented in two parts: the first part (Chapter 3) gives 21 good practices from the EU Member States (especially The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden) and the second part (Chapter 4) presents 24 practice examples from the Western Balkan countries. The examples target a wide spectrum of innovation and market research needs identifies in a previous task of the same WP (T8.1). The chosen examples should have - if possible- undergone positive evaluation and be suitable for trasnfer to one or more countries of the Western Balkans. 

In 2012 through dedicated workshops and activities, some of them will be selected, discussed in more detail and used as a basis to develop adaptation schemes for the implementation in the Western Balkan countries.

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