BOLOGNA PROCESS: National Report on Croatia 2004 - 2005

This is a national report on Bologna Process for Croatia for 2004-2005. It is written in the form of an interview with Mirjana Polic Bobic from the Directorate for Higher Education. First a brief description of important developments, including legislative reforms is given. Then the structure of public authorities responsible for higher education, the main agencies/bodies in higher education and their competencies and institutional structure are described. The two-cycle degree system is also presented and the organisation of third cycle studies is shortly described. Last but not the least the social dimension of the Bologna Process and contribution to the European dimension in higher education is discussed.
Polic Bobic, Mirjana (2005): Bologna Process - National Reports 2004-2005 Croatia. Available from:, accessed 19.08.2005.


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Directorate for Higher Education, MSES
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  • Croatia
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