Integrated Innovation Support Programme, Republic of Serbia

This document represents the first brief overview of the institutions, organisations and initiatives providing innovation information channels for Policy Making. It is prepared by IISP Innovation Support Service Experts, Peter Parsons and Ivan Brkic, with the aim of researching the innovation information needs and availability at different levels of policy making in Serbia. Based on the feedback response from the policy makers, the IISP Innovation Support Service Experts will develop the “Best Practice Resource Brief” to their specific needs.

This publication includes information about WBC-INCO.NET: "Through its portal, newsletters and reports, WBC-INCO.NET engages in information exchange on S&T policy cooperation with the Western Balkan countries. WBC-INCO.NET is open to publish your event announcements on the topic, your organisation profile and your project news, as well as to disseminate relevant news and documents on funding opportunities, cooperation possibilities, scholarships, awards, etc. Access to platform is free of charge and open to everyone interested in WBC-INCO.NET activities."

Source: IISP

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IISP Innovation Support Service Experts, Peter Parsons and Ivan Brkic
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