Review of Financial Support Facilities Available for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Western Balkans

The overall objective of this report is to provide information and analyses on the various financial support mechanisms funded by the European Commission (EC), International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and bilateral  donors, to promote energy efficiency in the Western Balkans. It is designed primarily for members of the Task Force on Energy Efficiency of the Energy Community Treaty but it should also contribute to future programming of such assistance in the region by the EC and IFIs.


25 funds were identified. There are 11 regional funds, of which 8 are loan funds (most with their own or associated technical assistance), and 3 that offer technical assistance (sometimes with small grants). The total funding available through regional facilities is 592.85 M€, 98% of which is loan funding (including associated technical assistance and grants). Most funds cover the entire region but do not necessarily operate in every country. While improving, to date Albania and Kosovo* have not been well served by funds. In terms of country specific funds, a total of 14 have been identified. As well as funds provided by the EC and the main IFIs, loans and technical assistance funds provided by one Contracting Party – Croatia – and bilateral donors, such as the governments of Italy, Spain and Switzerland can be found. There are also a number of EIB SME credit facilities available in the different countries under which EE is one of a large number of activities for which loans can be made. However, in this report the focus is on funds and facilities that have EE as their primary activity. The only guarantee funds identified in the region are provided by USAID/SIDA in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Source: Energy Community

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Helene Ryding, senior expert to the IFI Coordination Office with support from Mary O’Mahony, Head of Office and Jelena Djukic, expert.
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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia
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  • Kosovo*
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