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The participants of the Western Balkans Vienna Summit 2015 clearly recognized that improving the perspective of young generations is of “paramount importance in ensuring stability, sustainable development and progress of the region”. They also welcomed "the proposal to make civil society an additional important element of the Berlin Process". Both, youth and society can also be considered of utmost relevance for the region when it comes to improving the framework conditions for research and innovation.

The organisations from the Western Balkans are also well adviced to consider the participation in one of the current open calls within the  Horizon  2020  Specific  Programme -  'Science  with  and  for Society' (SWAFS). The aim of the programme is "to build effective cooperation between science and society,  to  recruit  new  talent  for  science  and  to  pair  scientific  excellence  with  social awareness and responsibility". In this context, you will find below an information on some recent related developments in form of news, events, organisations as well as selected open calls.

Youth | Science | Society was in focus of the newsletter in May 2016. Related article is available here. Please find below also a selection of the topic related articles. 


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  • Foster Association

    Foster association is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization working to support and strengthen youth position in North Macedonia and EU. Since its founding Foster has worked with EU partners in bringing...

  • Fusion Education Network

    FEN is the initiative of 5 Ph.D. students, working on fusion-related projects, from Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. Our mission is to promote fusion science and engineering in Serbia and other Western ...

  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe

    After more than two decades of engagement in southeastern Europe, the FES recognizes that the challenges and problems still facing this region can best be resolved through a shared regional framework. ...

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  • Connected through Mobility

    Developing the vocational education and training (VET) sector in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo* and Montenegro.

  • The Western Balkans Science Engagement Programme

    The Western Balkan Science Engagement Programme (SEP) aims to contribute to resilience of states, communities and citizens across the Western Balkans to the COVID-19 pandemic and its adverse impacts, ...

  • Adriatic Ionian Games for Social Inclusion

    The main objective of A.NI.M.US is to strengthen the role played by sport in social inclusion and cohesion within the Adriatic Ionian Region thanks to the empowerment of cities and volunteer organisations...

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