Enhancing language education in cross-border vocational education

The promotion of language learning plays a particularly important role in border regions, especially in professional and vocational education. The project will focus on innovative processes which facilitate the crossing of linguistic and cultural borders as well as on the development of CLIL methodology in professional settings, connecting research to real needs on the ground.

Main idea and objectives

This project focuses on the promotion of language learning in cross-border working environments. Plurilingual and intercultural competences, among others, are needed for living and working in a border region. In this context, neighbouring language(s) play(s) a major role in communication. All over Europe, the issue of training specific to such settings is one of increasing importance. However, our research and experience in border studies show that specific concepts for language learning and teaching in these contexts are still lacking. The concept of competences needed for successful communication according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), its Companion Volume and the Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures (FREPA) has to be adapted to border settings. The project activities, which bring together expertise from three different border regions, attempt to close this gap.

The team members from Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Lithuania already cover different border regions, therefore representing different geographical, political, economic and social contexts The associated partners in Romania, Catalonia, Denmark, Northern Germany and the SaarLorLux region have been chosen to extend this spectrum further. Even if certain challenges are specific to particular areas, many of the questions and problems are the same in different border regions.

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Project type
  • Other
cross-border vocational education
Geographical focus
  • Europe
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General
January 2020 - December 2023

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