Cortex Academy - largest training program in ICT education in Montenegro

Cortex Academy is the largest training program in ICT education in Montenegro. Designed as a flagship project by ICT Cortex - ICT Cluster for Information Technologies, Innovation, Education, Design and Technology Development in Montenegro, it encompasses both current training programs of ICT Cortex’s member companies as well as the trainings delivered by ICT Cortex using their online education platform, completed with mentorship and internship in companies.  

It is designed for high school and university students and everyone else (adults, employed or unemployed) interested in specializing or re-skilling in certain IT fields.

Education areas covered, at the moment, by the Academy are: programming, software testing design, marketing and project management, with the aim to introduce more courses.

The Academy is structured around 50+ courses delivered by 50+ IT experts employed in 13 companies educators.

By enrolling to Cortex Academy the candidate will:

have a chance to become a part of the largest training program in ICT field 

learn from mentors and lecturers who are experts in their fields 

acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge in demand at the modern labor market

get the opportunity to find employment in one of Cluster’s member companies.

The training process is divided into the following phases: 

Application - selection - training - practical work - complementary training events - final exam - access to Cortex’s HR database / networking event.

The second edition of Cortex Academy is expected to start in February 2023.

For more information, please visit and our social media channel.

Project type
  • Other
Cortex Academy
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology
November 2021 - January 2024

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