Capacity building in the Western Balkans

CAPABAL is the fourth Targeted Network approved by the COST Committee of Senior Officials. Targetd (policy-driven) Networks are COST Actions aiming at policy objectives – based on the Plan for Strategic Activities approved by the CS. All relevant key documents can be found on the COST Strategy page.

CAPABAL aims to enhance the forest and natural resources policy and governance, as well as the sustainable, multifuncional forest management in the Western Balkans and across Europe. CAPABAL plans to do so by creating a strong, regional collaborative network of experienced and future leaders in science, policy and management, well connected to European and international networks.

CAPABAL will target

  • early stage researchers (ESR)
  • future policy leaders
  • young resource managers empolyed in regional institutions ranging from forestry faculties and research institutes to natural resources ministries, forest enterprises, businesses

The main planned outpus of CAPABAL are

  • a foresight document on the future of Balkan forest
  • a Strategic Research Agenda to address the challenges and opportunities identified in the foresight

Researchers from the  Croatian Forest Research Institute  and the  University of Sarajevo  are leading the group and have planned their key activities in the region: short-term scientific missions and training schools in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. This clearly shows the regional focus of the network, also reflecting efforts to engage young scientists and policy makers from less research-intensive countries across Europe.

Vice Chair Dr Mersudin Avdibegović (University of Sarajevo) confirmed this is a “unique opportunity for young scientists interested in forest policy and governance to establish a regional and international network and improve their own research skills.” 



Project type
  • COST
Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Natural Sciences
October 2014 - October 2018

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