Promoting Gender Equality in the Western Balkans

The SDC financial contribution to the regional programme of the World Bank will leverage on-going gender equality efforts by national governments, non-governmental or multilateral partners, thereby contributing to enhance women’s economic situation and their social status. As a response to persistent disparities between men and women in the Western Balkans, this project analysis causes and contributes to remove barriers to equality. Through its regional approach, this project complements country initiatives on gender issues.

Women’s equal participation in politics has worsened in the Western Balkans countries compared to the socialist era. This also applies for equal opportunities of women in the labour market. The World Bank’s proposal includes creating knowledge, innovation and knowledge-sharing in the region. This approach reflects the strengths of the World Bank as a Multilateral agency in bringing forward analytical work and pilot interventions for the benefit of governments and other partners in the countries of transition.

The proposed program aims at promoting gender equality by strengthening the knowledge base and evidence on gender disparities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia, in order to inform government, donor and civil society interventions.

Immediate target group of the analytical and dissemination work by the World Bank are:

  • Governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia
  • Donor agencies in these countries
  • Civil society organizations

The generated findings shall contribute to improve the situation and status of women; therefore, citizens of the three countries are the ultimate target group of this intervention.

The expected outcomes are:

  • Informed/stimulated country public debate on gender issues
  • Increased knowledge base for evidence-based policy-making on gender issues.
  • Contribution to gender equality progress in the three countries.

Source: SDC




Project type
  • Other
Promoting Gender Equality in the Western Balkans
Geographical focus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo*
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General
December 2012 - December 2016

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