Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana


The Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana has been established in October 1990 to intensify scientific contacts between Austria and Slovenia respectively as well as to initiate scientific co-operation. It is operated on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research and supports the science policy of the bm:bwk in South Eastern Europe. The coordination lies at the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI).

See the videos of the presentations held at ASO Ljubljana's 20th anniversary:

The Austrian Science and Reseach Liaison Office Sofia finished its activities at the end of March 2010. Established 1994 and headed since then by Klaus Schuch, Sigrid Berka, Reinhold Jawhari and from 2002 to 2010 by Martin Felix Gajdusek, the ASO Sofia has been a major instrument for research co-operation between Austria, Bulgaria and the Western Balkan Countries. The approaches to funding and co-operation during these years demonstrated a shift from assisting bilateral joint initiatives to a policy relevant and embedded regional initiative with a dedicated outlook on the internationalisation of scientific institutions.

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Address: Linke Wienzeile 2461150 Vienna, 1150 Vienna
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