Economic Society of Albania


Economic Society of Albania was founded in 2014 at a meeting in Tirana, Albania, seeking to promote high quality research in the broadly defined area of social economics. The activities promoted by ESA include the establishment of an international community of economists devoted to the analysis and treatment of the major global economic problems; the organization of regular meetings, seminars and conferences to promote economic discussion and debate; the support given to Young Economists’ Network (YEN) which provides young professionals with a forum to network and to engage with their peers to discuss topical economic issues; the promotion of International Journal of Applied Statistics and Econometrics.
ESA performs activities in three main formats:
1. Scientific Publication _ “International Journal of Applied Statistics and Econometrics”
2. Event Organization
a. International Conference on Applied Statistics and Econometrics 2017
b. First Symposium _Promoting Manufacturing Industry in Albania_ 24 November 2016
c. Second Symposium _Envisioning Albania 2030: Challenges to Employability_ 14 May 2018
3. Project Application
a. Project Application as Leader, Western Balkans Fund: “Teaching and Researching Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutions in Western Balkan: Summer Institute for Young Academics, Practitioners and Industry Leaders”, December 2017
b. Project Application as Partner, Western Balkans Fund: “6 th Global Youth Forum”, December 2017 Leader: European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD), Serbia
4. Awards
a. The Economic Society of Albania (ESA) intends to award each year an academician for outstanding research accomplishments in economics and to recognize the Best Paper Award of the year.
b. Supporting the organization of a panel on “Progress in Business Climate in Albania in 2017” an award/placket/certificate for a domestic firm in manufacturing industry in the concept of “Made in Albania” by determining criteria setting by a commission in spring 2018, and every year traditionally.

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