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P.A.R. Ltd, i.e. Business Academy Rijeka (Croatian abbreviation: PAR) was founded in 2007 with the goal of developing top educational programs and business consulting based on experience, realistic appreciations of economic needs and continuous searches for new professional and scientific innovations and trends. PAR has become known for initiating new ideas that respond to the market as well as providing professional knowledge and skills in the field of business management. This is done with the help of qualified faculty who have experience in organizing educational seminars and mediating applications for international higher education institutions. These efforts are evident in client satisfaction and are confirmed through successful realization of major international projects and conferences recognized worldwide, e.g. PILC (PAR Intenational Ladership Conference) and SenZations Summer School.

Furthermore, the Croatian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts acknowledged the professional and expert level of Business Academy Rijeka’s educations and recommended its programs of entrepreneurial education for companies and individual professional education. The recommendation is acknowledged on the Ministry’s official web site.

By keeping pace with trends such as the growing need for a young, educated and entrepreneurially orientated work force and the student need for acquiring the professional BA level title of baccalaureus, the Business Academy Rijeka founded the first private higher education institution in the City of Rijeka and Primorje-Gorski County – Business School PAR. With its launch in 2012, the business school introduced its first international, professional, three-year study program.

The Business School PAR is, to this day, the first and only private higher education institution in the County and offers a three-year BA study program in Business Management. Following the German study model, the program offers equal proportion of theory and practice throughout the study. It makes PAR’s approach to higher education programs unique and has helped create a series of well-known, specialized educational principles that PAR now applies throughout its work.

Business School PAR organizes and conducts:

  • The professional Business Management study program;
  • professional education and vocational training programs;
  • professional seminars, courses and non-formal workshops;
  • international events, conferences, consulting, summer and winter schools for students, 
  • representation of international scientific institutions.

As PAR continued to grow, the educational need had expanded and in 2013, the PAR Language Center was founded. Offering courses that follow the communicative teaching principle, the new Language Center conducts courses in English (elementary and business), Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and French for several competence levels. Moreover, a special event Action: Culture and Language in Interaction  has been organized with the goal of promoting the bond between culture and language . The event is planned to be held at the end of each course cycle.

With the goal of contributing to the local community in the area of education and sports, PAR has founded civil organizations (NGO); PAR AlumniPAR Sport and PAR Association. Their work is aimed at incorporating efforts of existing PAR entities into the development of the civil society, primarily within the local community in the City of Rijeka and Primorje – Gorski County. PAR civil organizations offer students, professors, and employees networking opportunities, development of sport projects, athlete education, in addition to providing support for developing the entrepreneurial culture, promoting lifelong learning activities with the young and encouraging corporative volunteer work.

The Business Academy Rijeka, the Business School PAR and the PAR NGO have all contributed to the creation of the PAR Group. Their entities and expertise are part of a great idea that lies on the principles of lifelong learning and promotes an accessible and high quality tertiary education that maintains a balance between theory, practice and giving back to community. 

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