Center for Intradisciplinary Social Applied Research


CISAR is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-political organization based in Sarajevo. Its main aim is to conduct and promote intradisciplinary and applied research on socially relevant issues – ranging from economic development to human rights and culture – in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the broader Western Balkans region.

CISAR’s work has been enabled by competitive grants from prestigious funding bodies such as SDC (Regional Research Promotion Programme in Western Balkans) and EU (HORIZON 2020). CISAR has established a vibrant network of researchers, including young and emerging researchers who are mentored by senior academics and supported in gaining methodological expertise (qualitative and quantitative) required for conducting the most demanding applied research in the field.

CISAR is also well networked with academic and non-academic institutions in the region, in Europe and globally. The Center has the necessary infrastructure (office, IT equipment, relevant research software, website, etc.), scholarly expertise—including economics, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, linguistics and public policy—and relevant research experience to conduct any demanding research project as well as to translate research findings into applied outcomes in a timely and efficient manner.

CISAR members speak and publish in several languages, ensuring knowledge transfer between research and practice takes place in the most appropriate mode and language. At CISAR, we aspire to build a new generation of renowned research leaders to lead BiH and the Western Balkans into a better future based on merit, respect for diversity and free from prejudices and exclusion.

Our goal is to produce innovative research, meeting the highest quality and ensuring it through the collaboration with our colleagues working at world-class academic institutions. As the research team, we are working with prosperous senior and junior researchers at their respective stages of professional development, with special focus and care to development of the Centre’s capacities.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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