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European Policy Centre is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent think-tank, founded in 2011 by a group of professionals in the area of EU law, EU affairs, economics and public administration reform, with a shared vision of changing the policy making environment in Serbia for the better – by rendering it more evidence based, more open and inclusive and more substantially EU accession driven. The founders of CEP have defined it as a “new-generation” think-tank, following the first wave of democratisation-driven civil society organisations of the 1990s and the second wave of organisations focusing on the consolidation of democratic processes in Serbia in 2000s. 

As an EU candidate country, Serbia needs research centres capable of offering specialised knowledge in different EU policy areas and providing high quality policy alternatives based on solid research. The most important features of CEP as the “new-generation” think-tank include the knowledge and experience of the legal harmonisation process and the workings of Serbian public administration, as well as commitment by its members to put their expertise at disposal of the intensified upcoming phase of Serbia’s EU accession. 

Strong social capital gathered in CEP’s membership and associates and bright young members of team combine with these features to create a think-tank capable not only of producing high quality research products but also penetrating the decision making arena to create tangible impact.
The founders of the European Policy Centre agreed on the following Vision of the Organisation for the year 2020:

In 2020, CEP is an independent think-tank which strongly influences policy making in Serbia, by providing intelligent and evidence-based solutions, with substantial knowledge of the public administration, and directing them towards achievement of the European values and long-term benefits from the EU membership.

Decision makers respect and accept policy proposals and ideas offered by CEP, which is reflected in relevant national and international documents. CEP’s events gather national, regional and European professional public and institutions on a regular basis, and receive strong media coverage.  

In 2020, members of the growing and highly motivated CEP team are widely recognised experts and researchers, who transfer their knowledge and experience to the community and whose voice strongly echoes in the national media. With well-developed thematic and horizontal partnerships at the national, Western Balkan, and EU level, CEP is a prominent actor and initiator of dialogue and changes in the relevant policy areas.

CEP Mission 2020 is to conduct research and analysis as basis for policy making, educate and advocate for quality policy options oriented towards transforming Serbia into a successful future EU member state.

In its efforts to fulfil this mission CEP strives to maintain a fine balance between the role of the government’s partner on the EU accession road and that of a careful scrutiniser of its plans and actions. Whereas CEP’s work and activities are currently focused on a more limited array of policy areas of relevance to Serbia’s EU accession, the objective is to further develop the network of members and experts so as to be able to encompass as completely as possible the entire Serbian policy making system from the EU accession perspective.

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