Evaluation Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina


BES is established to serve wide community of those interested in development of evaluation theory and practice as one of the key means of development of culture of accountability and transparency within BiH society.

BES serves as a hub or support to, first of all, evaluation professionals, than government and civil sector, by providing sharing of knowledge and good practice from within and outside the country.

In the field of evaluation, BES promotes:

  • Professional development
  • Access to knowledge and information
  • Advocacy in accountability to results

Main objectives of BES are:

  1. Promotion of theory and practice, usage and uderstanding of monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  2. Strenghtening of professionalism within field of M&E
  3. Networking of professionals and organizations to improve sociaty M&E knowledge base
  4. Promotes evaluation as a mean to effectiveness and accountability
  5. Engage different groups from non government, government, academia into evaluation discussion
  6. Promote linking M&E activities to the budgets at different levels of government

Main activities of BES are:

  1. Ensure membership enlargament
  2. Annual conference
  3. Publishing of newsletter
  4. Round tables and discussion about evaluation thory and practice
  5. Establish cooperation with regional and international organization
  6. Promote inclusion of M&E into universities courses
  7. Link to local and regional Journals to ensure inclussion of evalution articles into their publication or prepare monografic edition about evaluations
  8. Maping of all interested in M&E development in BiH

BES Annual Conference

One of the major activities of the BES is its Annual Conference. This provides a forum for the discussion of major theoretical, philosophical, and practical issues in evaluation.

Learning Opportunities

The BES promotes continuous learning through conferences, round tables, training courses etc, in cooperation with domestic and international organizations.

The BES also promotes formal form of learning by providing advice and help to universities and faculties in their intention to make evaluation as part of their curricula.

Student Involvement

The BES see students as future leaders and invite them to participate in all activities, we also offer special student rates for all events. In addition, we intend to establish the Student Essay Award for the best essay written in the field of evaluation.

BES newsletter

The BES newsletter promotes theory and practice of evaluation for accountability by publishing:

  • Articles on news in the evaluation field
  • Articles on all aspects of the theory and practice of evaluation
  • Articles on BiH development projects from evaluators perspective
  • Research and Practice Notes that provide practical examples of the applications of particular methodologies or procedures within the context of a particular study or group of studies.

More information is available here: BES / BHeval

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