News archive - Event Announcement: Climate Change in South Eastern Europe

The objectives of the workshop taking place on November 14-15, 2007 in Belgrade (Serbia) are to strengthen and improve the multidisciplinary approach to climate change related issues, to generate ideas for research projects and to meet potential research partners. A call for proposals is open till October 12, 2007.

At the workshop, researchers will present their research findings, small groups will discuss project ideas and will possibly determine a working plan for joint project proposals, e.g. under FP7.

Workshop topics include:

  • Economic impacts of climate change (+ Adaptation policy)
  • Monitoring and forecasting the environmental impacts of climate change, e. g. drought, natural hazards, on biodiversity (+ Adaptation policy)
  • CDM / Kyoto / renewable energy – especially biomass
  • Synergies between adaptation and mitigation, e. g. meeting the future heating and cooling energy demand; forest management

For participation, researchers are encouraged to prepare

  • Abstracts for presentations for this year’s workshop’s topics and/or
  • Proposals /outlines of ideas for joint projects (for the purpose of coordination)

Deadline: October 12, 2007
Submission to (Daniel Steiner)
The call for proposals is attached to this news.

Further information:

Additional information:
Transfer assistance will be provided to the conference "Climate Change – An opportunity for growth" taking place in Brdo (Slovenia) on November 16, 2007 in order to enable participants to also attend this event.


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