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SEE‐GRID‐SCI (SEE‐GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience) is a 2 year project co‐funded by the European Commission, starting on May 1, 2008.
SEE‐GRID‐SCI stimulates widespread eInfrastructure uptake by new user groups extending over the region, fostering collaboration and providing advanced capabilities to more researchers, with an emphasis on strategic groups in seismology, meteorology and environmental protection. The initiative thus aims to have a catalytic and structuring effect on target user communities that currently do not directly benefit from the available infrastructures.
In parallel, it aims to enlarge the regional eInfrastructure to cater for demands of the communities by increasing the computing and storage resources and involving new partner countries in the region.
Finally, SEE‐GRID‐SCI targets to help mature and stabilize the National Grid Initiatives in the region, allowing them to join the new era of longer‐term sustainable Grid infrastructure in Europe.

The newsletter published by the SEE-GRID-SCI project also covers specific news from the region such as:

National Grid Initiative of Albania has been established
The Minister of Education & Science of  Albania has officially recognized the National Grid Initiative in Albania.
ALBGRID is funded by the National Programme for Research and Development in ICT for 2007-2009. Central part of ALBGRID team is involved in the SEEGRID-SCI project.

Training of meteorologists from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia - Herzegovina

A two-day training of meteorologists from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina on SEE-GRID infrastructure, services, and grid usage and programming, was held at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade on June 24-25. The following institutions participated in the training: South Environment
and Weather Agency, Serbia; Republic Hydrometeorogical Institute, Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro; Research and Development Center for Bioengineering,
Kragujevac, Serbia; Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia; RCUB, Belgrade, Serbia


Source: Newsletter SEE-GRID-SCI project

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