News archive - [Event Review] Workshop "Innovation Policy Learning from Norway to WB countries (WBinNO), Zagreb

The workshop "Innovation Policy Learning from Norway to WB countries (WBinNO)" was held on October 11-12 at the Institute of Economics in Zagreb, marking the completion of the first stage of the WBinNO project.

Throughout the project, Norway has been identified as a role model – a country with desirable innovation practices.

The workshop itself was organized with the aim of presenting the results of reports on the current situation within the national innovation system of the WB countries; namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia and Serbia. The second day included a guest lecture by Jadranka Švarc, PhD, on the topic Sustainability of the Innovation System in Croatia in terms of the Global Crisis and included a methodological workshop, describing the possibility of using data from the Community Innovation Survey. The workshop closed after the discussion on the future steps. 

Regardless of the divergent research results, the common line was that the atomization of innovation activities and performance is a dominant characteristic of innovation performance within institutions and/or organizations in the WB region.

Please find attached the presentations from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYR of Macedonia.

To read more about the workshop and the  WBinNO project, please follow the links below: 

Source: Email by Zoran Aralica, WBinNO project coordinator

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