News archive - How to register as an evaluator within the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7)

If you are interested in serving as an evaluator within FP7, please find here some details and hints for the online registration process.

The benefit of becoming an evaluator and expert lies in the gain of useful know-how about the procedure of project applications and in the possibilities of establashing new networks within the European Commission and with other international scientists and company representatives.

Information for the initial registration:

The initial registration is only possible on the webpage: (see link: “new expert”).

On the basis of your indications the Commission elaborates a register of the evaluators. For your registration you will receive a username and password. Later you will still have the opportunity to complete your details.

The forms include:

  • “personal details” (attention: you also need to fill in your passport/identification number)
  • “linguistic skills” (attention: clearly indicate your reading and writing skills (mainly for English))
  • “activities and keywords” (attention: don't forget to fill in your area of expertise in the section “27. FP7 Themes”)
  • “employment history”
  • “interests” (attention: fill in the informtion on your research projects (past and current))
  • try not to use special characters – such as ä, ö, etc – and better use the english name of your company

At the and you can check and print your details and you will receive an registration email and a number as a candidate.

The Commission services will hopefully approach you to serve as an evaluator and expert for their programmes. All activities as experts are of course paid seperately by the EC.

Source: KOWI.


Entry created by Martina Lindorfer on February 7, 2008
Modified on February 7, 2008