News archive - eInfrastructures: 4th issue of the SEERA-EI project newsletter

The SEERA-EI project brings together key policy-makers, stakeholders and infrastructure owners of the e-Infrastructure communities in SE Europe, enabling them to reduce the fragmentation of the European Research Area by increasing coordination between national research programmes, thus aiming to ensure equal participation of the region in European networking and Grid computing trends. The initiative brings together 19 partners from 10 countries in the South-East European region and will set the framework for the adoption of a common regional agenda for eInfrastructure.


The 4th issue of the SEERA-EI newsletter (December 2011) is available now and include the following topics:

  • Eastern Europe Partnership Event: Policy Makers and National Representatives from the Region Gathered to Deliberate on the Enhancement & Sustainability of eInfrastructures in Eastern Europe
  • National Programme Cookbook
  • Joint Action Plan
  • South East Europe i* Forum took place in Sofia
  • ICT Turkey 2012 Event
  • Bilateral Cooperation between Ministries of Bulgaria and Montenegro in the Framework of SEERA-EI

Source: Email from SEERA-EI

Geographical focus
  • SEE
  • Western Balkans

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