News archive - Progress Report on Research - Albania

In the 2008 progress report for Albania, Chapter 4.1.9 deals with Education and Research. The assessment of the EC in the S&T sector is copied here.

There has been some progress in the area of research. Since January 2008, Albania participates in the Seventh EC Framework Programme on research and technological development (FP7) as an associated country and has taken measures to increase its participation in FP7. However, successful participation by Albania in FP7 will imply enhancing both administrative capacity and national research capacity, including investment in research infrastructure and incentives to attract students to science. Efforts are also required to increase cooperation with other international partners.

A mid-term budgetary plan for scientific research for the period 2009-2011 has been approved, marking an annual increase of 35% in the national budget for research. The budget for research and development doubled in 2008. However, its share of the total budget (0.16%) is still very low.

Albania has started to redesign its research policy. Improvement of the links between research institutes and universities is being addressed. The Fundex and Brain Gain programmes were launched with the aim of encouraging young Albanian researchers working abroad to return.

Establishment of a centre for promotion and implementation of international and national research cooperation programmes is being considered. Albania’s national Euraxess mobility portal and network need to be integrated with the European Euraxess service.
Overall, preparations in the area of research are advancing moderately.

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