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The september edition of EM (Europa Media) Newsletter brings some interesting information on how to access the commercial funding for SMEs offered by the CIP. This newsletter will give you a brief insight into who manages these instruments, where to turn to for information specific to your case, how the new funding opportunities are different and more effective, and what you have to be aware of when planning to take part in the financial opportunities offered by the CIP.

EIF (European Investment Fund) is the main manager of the financial instruments covered by CIP. The instruments designed to provide access to finance to SMEs through the EIF ( are:
· the High Growth Innovative Scheme, providing risk capital for innovative SMEs in their early stages and in their expansion phase;
· the SME Guarantee Facility, providing loan guarantees with the intention to encourage banks to make more debt finance available to SMEs
· the Seed Capital Action and the Partnership Action, helping to reinforce the capacity of financial intermediaries to invest in and lend to SMEs.

The newsletter can be found in the attachment.

For the newsletter the registration is possibile on:

In the newsletter also information on two-day event organised in Budapest in December 'FP7 Untold Stories' can be found.


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