News archive - Progress Report on Research - UNMIK / Kosovo

In the 2008 progress report for Kosovo/UNMIK, Chapter 4.1.9 deals with Education and Research. The assessment of the EC in the S&T sector is copied here.

As far as research is concerned, the MEST and public universities have demonstrated an interest in research activities. Discussions were held to consider a more effective participation by Kosovo under the Seventh EC Framework Programme for Research. The ministry has set up a Department of Science and Technology and established three new bodies devoted to research: the National Council for Science, the Centre for Innovations and Transfer of Technology, and the Centre for International Co-operation in the field of Higher Education, Science and Technology.
However, the ministry has taken no steps to develop the research and development capacity of universities in partnership with industry. Initiatives by the higher education providers remain very limited.

Overall, the efforts observed to reform the education system deserve sustained support in order to entrench tangible quality improvement. Some progress can be reported in approximating to EU standards.
As concerns research, some progress was made but no overall research policy was adopted or specific measures taken to improve research cooperation and integration into the European Research Area.

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Modified on November 11, 2008