News archive - The 2010 Progress Reports: Assessment of S&T in Croatia

Please find below the chapters of the most recent Progress Reports concerning the S&T policies of Croatia.

Further progress can be reported with respect to research policy where, overall, the level of alignment is already high. However, private-sector involvement and the success rate in the Specific Programme on ‘People’ and, more specifically, in the Marie Currie fellowships, remain low.

Croatia continued to participate actively in the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Croatia also strengthened its administrative capacity by reviewing the nominations to the FP7 management committees and providing training to the national contact points. The action plan to stimulate participation in FP7 has produced good results, but the economic and financial crisis has put a temporary end to financial incentives.

With respect to its future integration into the European Research Area (ERA), Croatia has made further progress in aligning its research policy with the targets and actions of the European Research and Innovation Area. On mobility of researchers, the Ordinance on the Register of Researchers has been amended opening funding from the State budget also to non-Croatian scientists. Research job vacancies have started to be advertised on Euraxess job portal. The Act on the National Foundation for Science and Higher Education is being implemented, except the provisions concerning financing research projects in a more competitive way, based on scientific excellence. No progress was made on the overall level of investment in research which has been stagnating since 2007 at about 0.9% of Croatia’s GDP.

Involvement of industry and SMEs in research activities is still weak.


Progress in this chapter has continued, but has slowed down as a result of the economic and financial crisis. Implementation and monitoring of commitments remain crucial. Efforts are needed to further improve the administrative and research capacity. Investment in research, through the involvement of industry and SMEs is to be increased.

Source: Progress Report Croatia.

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