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Three recently published books/reports published are featured in the eJournal fall/winter 07 and recommended to the readers:

  • Why invest in science in SEE?
  • Enlargement Strategy and Progress Reports 2007
  • SEE-ERA.NET White Paper

as well as two deliverables - Innovation Infrastructures in the WBC and Mobility in ERA.

Why Invest in Science in South Eastern Europe?

This volume is the outcome of the international conference and High Level Round Table ‘Why Invest in Science in South Eastern Europe?’, held on September 28-29, 2006 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference was organised by the UNESCO Office in Venice, the Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and the Austrian Science and Research Office in Ljubljana. It gathered together ministers and representatives responsible for science and finance from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, as well as a number of international experts and representatives from international organisations active in South Eastern Europe. Both events acted as an excellent platform where it was possible to evaluate current and potential initiatives in the SEE region in the field of science, research and innovation policies.
UNCESCO Science Policy Series. 5th volume. Proceedings of the International Conference and High Level Round Table 28-29 Sept. 2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 254 pp. 2007___
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Enlargement Strategy and Progress Reports 2007

The Commission adopted its annual strategy document explaining its policy on EU enlargement on November 6, 2007. The document also includes a summary of the progress made over the last twelve months by each candidate and potential candidate: Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo (under UN Security Council Resolution 1244).
In addition, the 2007 progress reports on the monitoring and assessment of achievements of each of the candidate and potential candidates by the Commission services over the last year were published. The so-called “enlargement package” also contains proposals to the Council for revised European and Accession partnerships for each country, in which the Commission lists areas where further reforms are needed. The Accession/Partnership Agreements state that each counry is expected to design an integrated research policy in the medium term (2009/2010). Finally, the Multi-annual Financial Framework sets out the financial assistance available to support the reform efforts of the candidate and potential candidates.

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SEE-ERA.NET White Paper

This SEE-ERA.NET policy paper offers strategic recommendations and implementation scenarios for connecting the Southeast European research communities to their counterparts throughout Europe. The authors of the SEE-ERA.NET White Paper discuss on the one hand the national and transnational framework for S&T cooperation for the region of Southeast Europe. On the other hand they propose concrete joint actions by setting up of a Regional RTD Programme for cooperation with Southeast Europe. This new programme is building on the experience and the monitoring results of SEE-ERA-NET’s successful Pilot Joint Call (PJC). This is outlined in more detail in a separate document, the Joint Action Plan, which can be downloaded at the SEE-ERA.NET website.
SEE-ERA.NET White Paper was recently published in scientific journal Transition Studies Review (TSR), Springer Wien New York, 2007.

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Innovation Infrastructures in the Western Balkan Countries
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Barriers to international mobility and the integration of researchers from Western Balkan Countries (WBC) in the European Research Area (ERA)
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