News archive - EC issues Report on FP7 Subscription and Performance in 2007

The European Commission/DG Research has issued a report on the FP7 subscription and performance during the programme's first year of implementation.

The report presents aggregated data on the subscription and outcome of concluded FP7 calls for proposals that were published during 2007. It also attempts a comparative assessment of participation patterns and performance among
applicants' type of activity, legal status and nationality. 

The underlying population considered by this report comprises data on 51 concluded calls for proposals published in 2007 under the Cooperation", "Capacities", "People" and "Ideas" FP7 specific programmes as well as the FP7- Euratom.

The reference population contains data on 20,675 eligible proposals involving 97,660 applicants and a total of EUR 35.5 billion of requested EC contribution. Out of these, 2,850 proposals (14%) were retained for funding involving 19,305 applicants (20%) and a total of EUR 5.7 billion (16%) of requested EC contribution.

West Balkan Countries' Participation in FP7 

Concerning the statistical data for the WBC, the following split-up should be considered:

  • the Candidate countries Croatia and FYRo Macedonia has been merged in one category with Turkey
  • the Associated Countries Albania and Montenegro have been included in the same category as all other associated countries (such as Israel, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland)
  • the data of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are to be fund under Third Country statistics.

FP6 final review

The EC has also published a final report on the Subscription, Implementation and Participation in FP 6, covering all FP6 activity areas and implementation aspects, from submitted proposals and applicants to signed contracts and participants, including success rates and time to contract. Where possible, the FP6 statistics are presented against the corresponding FP5 figures so that meaningful comparisons can be made.



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