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A 2023 study, conducted by the European Research Executive Agency, evaluates the significant impact of the MSCA RISE action on academia-industry cooperation with regard to knowledge valorisation, research performance and career development.

A recently published study, conducted by the European Research Executive Agency (REA), evaluated the significant impact of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions’s Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) action on the cooperation between academia and industry, particularly regarding knowledge valorisation, research performance and career development. RISE was part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) under Horizon 2020, which was renamed MSCA Staff Exchanges (SE) under Horizon Europe.

The study’s findings, based on Horizon 2020 RISE project results, validate the ever-growing added value of the MSCA Staff Exchanges action to Europe’s research and innovation landscape. It funds international and intersectoral exchanges of research and innovation staff of participating organisations. 

The study confirms the action’s key role in fostering lasting, mutually beneficial research collaborations between organisations from the academic and non-academic sectors, including SMEs across the globe. The action helps to expand the European Research Area and to turn ideas into innovative products and services of great economic and societal value.

Indeed, outcomes of the MSCA Staff Exchanges positively affect citizens’ lives in terms of the significant share of innovations identified. For example, the RISE action has led in the number of applied and awarded patents, about 40% of the entire MSCA programme. The study also showcases an increasing involvement of businesses in Staff Exchanges. Business partners, including SMEs, received the highest share of the available MSCA-RISE funding, an estimated 20%.

Additionally, the impact analysis demonstrates the RISE action’s important contribution to global R&I collaborations and the achievement of key objectives under the MSCA – the European Union’s reference funding programme for doctoral education and postdoctoral training. For example, the scheme has played a central role in advancing outstanding careers in research and innovation. MSCA Staff Exchanges provide staff with numerous networking and joint-research opportunities around the globe, skills training, enhanced career prospects and various activities for personal and professional development. An estimated 80% of Staff Exchanges’ projects have reported that at least one fellow has successfully obtained another grant. Over 60% of fellows reported to have improved their skills and experiences through participation in the programme.

Moreover, the action offers the highest participation of partners from non-EU countries in the MSCA, representing over 55% of partnerships, with 80% of fellows coming from emerging and developing countries. Through its mobility opportunities, the fellows’ international and multidisciplinary exposure clearly increases their employment attractiveness. A large majority of Staff Exchange coordinators confirm essential skills and core competencies developed by fellows, including in management, communication and leadership. The action also promotes gender balance in research consortia.

Whether you are an experienced or aspiring researcher, the MSCA offer a multitude of possibilities to help you unlock your potential and support you throughout your professional journey. As a globally recognised scheme, the MSCA Staff Exchanges pave the way for bright and fruitful careers in research and innovation. We invite academic and non-academic organisations – universities, research institutions, businesses and SMEs – to join us in the pursuit of excellence!

The latest call for MSCA Staff Exchanges’ project proposals opened on 5 October 2023, with a budget of €78.5 million.

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