Focused Exchanges: World Cafe Discussions & Meetings with European Partnerships’ Representatives [Parallel Session 1, POLICY ANSWERS Conf. 2023 Sarajevo]

Based on the World Café format, participants had the possibility to join discussions on key challenges and essential instruments used for aligning priorities in small table groups. Each group changed tables three times every 20 minutes to contribute to the discussions. In these multiple rounds, different ideas and perspectives on each challenge were gathered and set the basis for discussions on solutions/tracks forward, to be picked up in the second parallel session.

Be it Digital, Green or Health Agenda, in the separate panels participants agreed that our capacity for societal transition needs to include an integrated perspective, include citizens in decision-making processes and act together to face similar challenges.

Dedicated bilateral meetings were organised within the conference to enable the European Partnerships and representatives of the relevant ministries and funding organizations from the WB economies to briefly meet and exchange. Visit our event report entry to find out more about these bilateral meetings and their presentations here.

The thematic discussions followed the priority focus of the conference, therefore the three parallel sessions centred around Digital Transformation, Green Transformation and Healthy Societies. You can get further information by clicking on the session you are interested in:

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Shaping the Western Balkans Digital Future

GREEN TRANSFORMATION - Green Deal: A Transformative Opportunity for the Western Balkans Economy

HEALTHY SOCIETIES: Building a Healthy Society: Addressing Challenges in the Western Balkans

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans
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  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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