News archive - EU for Culture: Cultural initiatives presented during the EU Opportunity Week 2023 in Serbia

The 2023 edition of the EU Opportunity Week was organised between 21-26 June 2023 in Serbia. The third day of the event was focusing on media, culture, and civil society. After the opening, a panel discussion on the topic "EU for Culture" took place. Esteemed cultural experts and panellists explored the role of the European Union in promoting and supporting cultural initiatives, discussing the opportunities and challenges ahead. The discussion provided valuable insights into the importance of cultural collaboration and the EU's contribution to nurturing creativity and preserving cultural heritage.

As part of the program dedicated to cultural initiatives, two highly significant European programs were presented: Culture Moves Europe and Creative Europe.

Culture Moves Europe is a programme that aims to support cultural mobility in 40 countries participating in Creative Europe. Between 2022 and 2025, approximately 7,000 grants will be awarded to artists, cultural workers, and host organizations in various cultural fields such as architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, literary translation, music, performing arts, and visual arts. The programme's objectives include improving access to European culture and creative works, as well as promoting innovation and creativity.

During the event, there was a panel discussion titled "The Importance and Perspectives of Collaboration within the Creative Europe Programme" and a presentation of the call for the Creative Europe programme - culture and media. This programme supports transnational cooperation projects involving cultural and creative organizations from different participating countries. Its main aim is to enhance access to European culture and promote diversity through initiatives such as translating and promoting European literary works, with a particular focus on languages that are less widely spoken.

After the panel discussions and project presentations, a "speed dating" session was held. This session provided an opportunity for participants to interact with representatives from the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, the Goethe Institute, and other successful projects. It facilitated quick meetings and idea exchanges among the participants and programme representatives.

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