The second National Conference to support Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions successfully held in Albania

On April 4th, 2023, Ministry of Education and Sports (MES) and Science and POLICY ANSWERS partner NASRI (National Agency for Science, Research and Innovation) organized the second National Conference to support Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions, in which representatives of the MES, educational institutions, rectors, educators, researchers, and business representatives participated. This is the first time that the issue of University-Business collaboration with a focus on scientific research is being addressed at such a level.

At this conference, the organizers aimed to promote a dialogue with scientific researchers and university leaders on issues related to the implementation of knowledge-based economic development strategies, the role of knowledge and research in improving the business environment, and the use of knowledge to stimulate growth in the private sector.
The conference presented the results of scientific studies carried out within the framework of National Research and Development Projects (NRDP), Scientific Research Infrastructure Projects (SRIP), and Bilateral Projects funded by the state budget.
This conference aimed to present new initiatives to stimulate the University-Business relationship, to highlight the challenges of this collaboration in the field of research and innovation, and to share different experiences that promote dialogue between scientific researchers, universities, industry, and business.
Minister of Education and Sports, Evis Kushi emphasized that all actors, educational institutions, industry, and business, have an important role in the development of scientific research, which must be put into function for the economic, social, and cultural development of Albania. Therefore, the MES has a mission of providing quality education, valuable diplomas, internationalization, and increasing exchanges with the most prestigious universities.
Minister Kushi added that University-Business collaboration is a matter of integration into the EU and one of the principles of the European Research Area.
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