Green Business Accelerator Programme in North Macedonia - Get in touch!

The green business accelerator program is a free training and mentoring program designed to assist so-called green entrepreneurs in developing sustainable circular business models. Participants in the program will gain in-depth knowledge of the legal framework and the necessary work permits, as well as how to define a circular business model for their business idea and how to take advantage of the financing opportunities provided by so-called green technologies.

The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research (MIR), in collaboration with the Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation, developed and piloted an IPR program in 2022 as part of the first acceleration program to support circular business ideas. 

The program will conclude with a presentation to potential investors, customers, and collaborators.

Contact MIR at  for more details and how to participate.

Republic of North Macedonia
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  • Republic of North Macedonia
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  • Natural Sciences

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